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Welcome To The Brain Tumor Insertion Plant

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Dustin... The Llama farmers Llandowner.
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I am a quasi-musician (guitar, bass, sing), quasi-philosopher, quasi-reader (though understanding is another option), quasi-fun, quasi-just-about-everything. Ask and i shall tell, i like to get IM's, even though it doesn't happen much.

I may seem like im sad in my journal, i think its an outlet sometimes, in person i am a happy kid 99% of the time... If you dont believe me, dont talk to me, if you believe me, talk to me... Im waiting... hehehehehehe :-)
...and god spoke, absurdity of life, acceptance, acme, actin a fool, albert camus, albino chickens, almost everything, alphonso lingis, amélie, andnoneofthemknewtheywererobots, appleseed cast, astronomy, awkward deaths, bad bad movies, bananas, beauty, beauty in everything, beauty in the absurd, beauty of fear, beauty within the beauty, being, being a being, being away from home, being busy, being happy, being held, being me, being others, being recognised, being touched, being weird, boggle, brain teasers, chaotic beauty, chess, classical music, claude debussy, clear nights, cloud watching, confusing thoughts, contradictions, cuddling, dead red sea, death, deep elm records, desperation squad, dillinger escape plan, emotionlessness, ex-girlfriends, eyes, fear of beauty, fearing hopelessness, female types, friends, fugazi, godspeed you! black emperor, godzilla, going to concerts/shows, having fun, hiding from myself, hopelessly fearing, irrational fears, james bond, jamming, kiddo, killingtimeandhisfriends, kissing, knowing, lake traun, laughing at dumb things, learning to live, life, life of absurdity, living to learn, logic problems, losing track of time, love, loving to lust, lusting for love, making bad songs, making smiles real, making songs, man or astroman?, mancala, mars, masterbating, melt-banana, mockumentaries, money, monkeys, mst3k, music, my family, nada surf, nightime walks, non-linear thoughts, not knowing, nuclear rabbit, oddness, ours, ozma, palindromes, pedro the lion, people watching, philosophy, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, polka, post-it note flags, rain, randomness, red animal war, red dwarf, saetia, scrabble, siamese triplets, singing, smiling, south park, spoon, steve oedekerk, strangely relating things, strangeness, sunny day real estate, taking pictures, talking, talking backwards, talking on the phone, talking to myself, the boredoms, the detachment kit, the fear of fear, the fear of love, the idea of death, the idea of nothing, the love of love, theorizing, thinking, thinking deeperthan everyone, those innevitable innevitables, thought experiments, thunderstorms, to play guitar/bass, trading mix cds, trying to prove absurdities, verbena, weirdness, will self, working